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Welcome to the Kriya Yoga Centre UK

We are situated in the village of Burtle eight miles west of Glastonbury in Somerset. The UK Kriya Yoga Centre was founded by Richard Fish, a meditation teacher and minister affiliated to the Center for Spiritual Awareness, whose founder and spiritual director is Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of the renowned Paramahansa Yogananda. From our UK Centre we run a meditation group, offer instruction in meditation and Kriya Yoga, hold related classes and workshops and offer Initiation into Kriya Yoga to suitably prepared applicants.





What is Kriya Yoga ?

The Sanskrit word kriya means “action”. In the context of yoga it indicates actions that purify ones awareness. The specific practice of Kriya Yoga, as taught in the spiritual lineage originating with Mahavatar Babaji, is a series of initiatory techniques leading to Self and God-Realisation.

Paramahansa Yogananda said that Kriya Yoga is the most rapid approach to God-realisation. People of all walks and life and of any faith or tradition can practice Kriya Yoga. It offers a direct experience of Reality through the practice of specific meditation techniques and an appropriate lifestyle.

Dedicated Kriya practice and deep meditation leads the aspirant to enlightenment and liberation of consciousness.

In the pages which follow you can find out more about Kriya Yoga as revealed by Mahavatar Babaji and taught by Paramahansa Yogananda and his successors, the guru lineage, the Centre for Spiritual Awareness and future events taking place in the UK and Europe.




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